Patio Furniture For Your House In South Florida



When you equip your home, the place where you are staying, either resting or working, it is natural to tailor it to your own style, purpose and to the basic principles of functionality.

In this sense, the furniture we offer is the best solution: comfortable - for complete relaxation, adjustable to the space that you have, stylized to the extent that makes your idea of beauty visible.

Patio Furniture In South FloridaBut first of all, this is a furniture that is strong and when you are not. When you need a break, when you give up, it is a support and the right place for a break. This furniture is a quality that lasts in all segments:

- these are spacious, modular pieces for you and your guests. They are hand woven from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) all-weather wicker.

-HDPE Wicker is Durable, easy to maintain, UV-resistant and weather-resistant. It is impervious to saltwater, pool water, rain, and snow.

- Frames are made of high quality rust-resistant powder-coated aluminum.

-Powder coat aluminum finish is knock and scratch resistant, impervious to moisture, and highly resistant to corrosion.

- Cushions are made of high-resiliency foam core wrapped in 100% polyester outdoor fabric.

-Cushion covers unzip for easy removal and machine washing at low-temperature setting.

It is recommended for its durability because it is made of materials that have met the basic requirement at every stage of the processing - to ensure the duration. The texture and design are such that they will not enter large deviations or strong accents in the interior, everything is very sophisticated and delicate.

The possibilities of combining are almost unlimited, but the essence is in the leisure and freedom that every piece offers - whether it's a sofa, armchair, a coffee table ... adaptable to space and various weather conditions, It's absolutely superior to everything else that's offered to you.

However, the most important thing is - what do you want?

If the time you can dedicate yourself to is very limited, if it is an obligation and too much, at least make sure that what you have available is quality and in every detail it is adjusted to you. It will be your "little empire," a place to relax, meet with friends ... A place that is always waiting for you. Your place. Your choice.

People are also recognized by the way they spend their free time.

We add - and the environment they choose. If you choose QUALITY, MODERN DESIGN and COMFORT - you are a person who really knows how to bring pleasure to your own life, a life of your family and your friends.

Your first step, to such a choice is - our furniture salon, available for you 7 days a week by appointment. Located in Lauderdale Lakes in South Florida. You can contact us by phone: (305)546-4318

For your convenience ONLINE purchase is available 24/7, as well as the local FREE DELIVERY.

Your next step is ENJOYMENT...